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Welding Jackets and Shirts - Features and Shopping Tips:

Are you a welder looking for a welding jacket? When in the market for one, the key is to find the right one for your needs. Is style important to you? If it is, you're in luck... Some of the welding companies are putting out some super cool welding jackets in the last few years. BSX seems to be leading the curve with styling, so you will definitely want to check them out.

Here are some considerations to make when shopping for a welding jacket:

1. Where to Buy?

Right here. We bring you an excellent selection of leather welding jackets, denim welding shirts, and welding apparel. When you find the jacket or shirt you want, you will be taken to Amazon to complete the checkout process. By making your purchase through Amazon, you can be sure that your transaction will be safe and secure, and you will be able to get good quality customer service should you need it.

2. Fit.

Like buying any other jacket, it's crucial that you fit a welding jacket before buying it. Welding is quite a kinesthetic activity, so make sure that you arms in particular have full range of motion. It's OK if the welding jacket is slightly larger than a "regular" jacket that you'd buy.

3. Price.

As with any other purchase, you'll need to shop around in order to find the best price on a welding jacket. Shop in small and large stores, and shop online and offline. The more you shop, the more you'll save! Once you find a particular jacket that you prefer, compare prices from at least three stores.

4. Stitching.

Before choosing a particular jacket, examine the stitching to guarantee that it's heavy duty. Welding jackets experience a lot of wear and tear, so choosing one with weak stitching could cause you problems in the future.

5. Flame resistance.

Considering the environment that welders work in, it's highly advisable that you choose a welding jacket that's flame retardant. Yes, this feature will increase the cost of the jacket. But it's definitely worthwhile when you consider that it could ultimately save your life in certain situations. Whether or not you ever need the fire retardant to protect you while working, it's always better to be safe than sorry!

6. Washable or Non-washable.

Grime can build up quickly on welding jackets, so one important factor to consider when shopping for one, is whether to buy a washable or non-washable jacket. The jacket will need to be washed somehow, whether you do it or a professional does it. Whether you can wash a welding jacket by conventional methods will depend on the type of material it'smade of. For example, materials such as leather must be cleaned professionally.

7. Weight of material.

The weight of the jacket's material will impact its durability, so consider this factor when shopping for a welding jacket. While a lighter jacket will provide you with more maneuverability, the trade-off will be less protection. So it's highly advisable to consider a heavier material over a lighter one.